Monday, October 3, 2011

How To: Make a Everlasting Curtain Rod

My sweet girl Marley (our pet) likes to lay underneath the window sill and she sometimes tugs on the curtain while getting into her comfort mode. After too many tugs, the curtain rod eventually snapped. I needed a good and sturdy solution FAST.  

Shopping for a curtain rod is as exciting as making toast, so I decided to try something new. I found a economical and industrial style at the local hardware store and just love it. If you also need a sturdy curtain rod, here's how to make one!

Everlasting Curtain Rod: 
Supplies you may need- Conduit Piping (They usually come in 10' lengths), Pipe cutters (most hardware stores will cut the conduit for you), Screws, Spray Paint (your color of choice), 3/4" Screw Plates, 3/4" Corners (found in the electrical section), 3/4"x 1" Threaded Extentions.
Tools you may need: Screwdriver, Hammer, Screw gun, Pencil, Tape measure, Level

Directions: attatch all pieces shown in the diagram, spray paint entire rod with your color of choice, insert curtain panels, screw into wall, and enjoy!