Saturday, March 3, 2012

Do I Dare?

True Story:     My first job out of college was at a high end furniture store working as a "designer" (a.k.a. sales girl). We where told to dress nice but on my $0 budget I had to get creative so when I was given this really beautiful white skirt from my mom I was excited to try it out at work with the 3 blouses I owned. 

Monday morning arrived and I strutted my white skirt around work all day feeling really beautiful, in fact I even thought I got some "looking-good" glances from potential customers. At the end of the day, about 15 minutes before I was leaving, some of the co-workers where snickering and quietly laughing in my direction. Wondering what was going on I looked at the group with a puzzled look. One of the lady's yelled.......We like your thong, in fact we have been commenting on it ALL day.  

Long story short, I have been scarred from wearing white ever since and it never seemed to bother me until now. Anthropologie has introduced a few things that I LOVE  but they are all white. So, the question is....Do I dare?
Field Biology Maxi Dress
Mirror- Dotted Maxi Dress
Floral Thompson Jeans
Spiraea Shirtdress