Thursday, April 19, 2012

DIY Heel Fix

We have seen the scuffed shoe toe fix done many ways but I recently needed a quick shoe heel fix so here is what my solution was.

I took a pair of Calvin Klein basic black leather pumps (I just cant get rid of) that had dog chew marks and scuffs down the heel and did a glitter camouflage. 
Step 1. Cover the heal in a basic color undercoat. This will help you get a better coat when the glitter is applied, plus it filled in the dog teeth marks. Note: I used Martha Stewart's paints which where inexpensive and came in a hundred colors. I used the color sandstone for both the satin and glitter paint.
 Step 2. Apply the glitter pain over the satin coat. Wait 5 minutes in between glitter coats. It will take about an hour for everything to completely dry and took 8-10 glitter coats to get the results I was looking for so be patient!