Monday, June 4, 2012

Techni-Color Bracelet DIY

Supplies Needed: Embroidery thread,  metal washers, Scissors, Ribbon, Pliers
1. Tie the washers together with a scrap piece of the embroidery thread. Make sure the know is tied very tight!
2. Wrap each washer with a colorful piece of embroidery thread. Note: The smaller the washer, the more wrapping you will need to do.
3. Connect the decorative ribbon by looping it through the washer and tying a double knot. Do this on both sides.
4. Cut the center piece of the ribbon and tie a small knot on the end so no unraveling happens.
5. I applied small amount of nail polish to help the ribbon from unraveling. I chose a fun contrasting color but please note that you may not need to do this on certain types of ribbon. Its completely optional!