Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Headboard?

I have been thinking it is time for a new headboard but am stumped on which material, color, and overall feel I am going for. Thank goodness for pinterest:) I was able to find a few options that I LOVE but now I must narrow down the choices even more. 
Here is where you come in....PLEASE HELP CHOOSE! I am favoring the rattan collection as of right now, but who knows how I will feel in a week or two?


  1. You've already done the reclaimed wood so I say either the rotten or the bold color! You know me... You can never have too much color!! :)

  2. beautiful blog & shop! Thanks for visiting my blog over at Billie Jean, I really appreciate it! <3 XoXo, Crystal

    1. No problem. What a beautiful blog you dear!