Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Little Buddies

My little Gretta Beans is the love of my life (sorry TJ) and is a very funny girl, but not the friendliest of pooches to other animals. Starting fights for no reason, Gretta has created a lot of scuffles so it was a shock when my moms newest member of the family became Grettas most beloved friend. 

Kitty (yes, that's the cats name) was found in a ditch only a few weeks old. We fed her with a tiny bottle and my mom fell for her fast. The odd thing about Kitty is that she is the meanest of cats. She does what she wants, when she wants and is super temperamental and somehow Gretta found this appealing. Constantly chasing one another or taking a nap together is their routine and I think it is the cutest thing:) 
As a dog mama I am so happy for Gretta that someone actually wants to play with her! It is kinda like she is the kid on the playground that has self esteem issues and bully's everyone until another kid picks on her and they find out that they have more in common then they expected. The next day they are skipping together and happy. Well, that's how I pictured this situation:)

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  1. If only Louise wasnt such a wimp...she'd kick Grettas ass and then we all be good friends forever...