Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pure Love

We here at 11 Eureka would like to apologize for our absence and lack of posts. A few big things have made life a bit crazy lately and have tested my ability to handle stress (don't worry, I think I am passing the test). 
As you already know, Gretta is our dogter, boutique mascot and the loves of TJ and my life. It was one week ago that our crazy girl through her back out (yes, it also happens to dogs) which created her to become paralyzed in both her back legs. We instantly rushed her to the local animal hospital where she was x-rayed and admitted for the next two days. TJ  and I went home devastated. 
The next morning, we visited our little lady (pic above) and once again was sad as we left without our pup. The following day, we met the therapist and vet and decided to try aggressive therapy over the next 8 weeks. The best part of that day was the fact that we could bring her home (yay). 

Fast forward one week and Gretta is able to use 1 leg and slowly trying to move the other. We are now only 5 days from our wedding day and just praying that Gretta will be healthy enough to attend. The fact that she is an extreemly high spirited dog helps a lot, but not being able to play or simple walk around has taken a toll on her. We can not wait to witness her improvement over the next few weeks! Our lady is a trooper:)
She smiles on the car ride home from the hospital!
So sleepy.