Thursday, November 3, 2011

Travel Lightly

I pickup up this discarded suitcase and saw some potential. I needed a fun way to display our fascinator hair pieces at a local luxury shop and immediately wanted to incorporate this old guy!

1. I first washed the many years of stink away then used a flat white spray paint for the exterior and interior.
FYI: It took three coats to color everything completely, so be prepared.

2. I covered 13 different sized books with the white side of some wrapping paper scraps for a clean uniform appearance. I placed them in different levels of height throughout.

3. I made paper balls and covered them with material and decoupage as well as added some scrap material to add FLARE.

4. I used my vintage hat stands and placed them on the covered books.....and you have a one of a kind hat display case!

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