Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Arrivals: Retro Colors!

Turquoise Tie Back Necklace
All About the Bubble Necklace, Ombre Maxi Dress in Melon
Dee Pineapple Jumper, Metal Collar Necklace
Adrift Away Dress
Dream in Tangerine Dress- Vintage, Honey Beeeds Necklace
New arrivals are the best! Color, texture and new prints make us here at 11 Eureka pretty giddy, but add a retro infused feel to the collection and we are literally fighting to keep each and every piece for ourselves:) 
Our model Abby was a super sweet gal to work with, in fact after out shoot, we spent a few hours just gabbing over a good meal and laughing away the rest of the evening. Oh, and we must discuss our other model.......Drumstick the chicken! This milky white little lady wanted to be in every shot and insisted I catch her on her good side (what a diva). Hee Hee

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Recipe: Onion & Brie Crustini

Ok, this little apitizer is so delicious that it will forever stay in my recipe book. You can say, A DEFINITE KEEPER! 
The only thing you need to know here is how to caramelize onions. I was taught by my neighbor and it changed my life (kinda being dramatic, but wow, do I love me some caramelized onions). 
- Crustini Bread (12 slices)
-1 Whole yellow onion (medium size)
-Wedge of Brie cheese, cut into 12 thick pieces
-Olive oil
-Brown Sugar

How to Carmalize an onion:
Slice and Peel your desired amount of onions.  Note: We used 1 whole yellow onion for this recipe.
Coat the bottom of a saute' pan with olive oil. Once it is hot and ready, drop in your onions and cook evenly but make sure they don't brown or burn. You want the onions to be slightly transparent.
Stir in 1 TBL of brown sugar and 1 TBL of butter, stir often so sugar doesnt burn. Usually takes 20-30 minutes depending on your stove top. Salt to taste. 

Place your perfect caramelized onions on your thick slice of brie cheese and place on a toasted crustini. Note: If you are looking for a gooey cheese, place your onion crustini in the oven for a minute or two at 400 degrees. 

Oh, and please be prepared to gobble everything down! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pure Love

We here at 11 Eureka would like to apologize for our absence and lack of posts. A few big things have made life a bit crazy lately and have tested my ability to handle stress (don't worry, I think I am passing the test). 
As you already know, Gretta is our dogter, boutique mascot and the loves of TJ and my life. It was one week ago that our crazy girl through her back out (yes, it also happens to dogs) which created her to become paralyzed in both her back legs. We instantly rushed her to the local animal hospital where she was x-rayed and admitted for the next two days. TJ  and I went home devastated. 
The next morning, we visited our little lady (pic above) and once again was sad as we left without our pup. The following day, we met the therapist and vet and decided to try aggressive therapy over the next 8 weeks. The best part of that day was the fact that we could bring her home (yay). 

Fast forward one week and Gretta is able to use 1 leg and slowly trying to move the other. We are now only 5 days from our wedding day and just praying that Gretta will be healthy enough to attend. The fact that she is an extreemly high spirited dog helps a lot, but not being able to play or simple walk around has taken a toll on her. We can not wait to witness her improvement over the next few weeks! Our lady is a trooper:)
She smiles on the car ride home from the hospital!
So sleepy.