Thursday, February 23, 2012

Inspired Creations Contest

pictures c/o Luli and Me
A month or two of planning and a day or so of setting up for Indie Wed Inspired Creations Contest and all I can say way IT WAS WORTH IT (We Won)! Lots of crafting, cutting, hanging, laughing, shopping, sewing, and well, you get the point. We met so many fun and inspiring people at the event, and even though some of us where a bit sleep deprived, the day was one that will never be forgotton. I would like to personally thank my very fun and amazing team members (Viviana of Petal Play Design, Natalie of Pemberley Events, and Rachel of Image Icon) for including me in such a unique experience. Oh, and all of this has lead to us being THE WINNERS! YAY:)


  1. We could not have done this without your nuttiness and your Opa's stuff! Love you!
    Can't wait for more craziness!

  2. It's all so beautiful, I can only imagine how hard all you worked!!!