Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY Dog Leash

Supplies needed: 6' in length of scrap fabric cut or ripped into 3 pieces, scissors, thick thread, clip, and some decor scraps for decor (optional).
Step1: Tie one end with the string(this will be your clip end)       Step 2: Start braiding     Step 3: After the leash is braided, go ahead and slip end 1 through the clip and close with many wraps of the string      Step 4: On end 2, bend over the braided leash just enough to make a comfy handle and close with wrapped string. You can add scrap fabric pieces in between the wrapped thread for some pizazz!
 Gretta got to go for a walk after the leash was finished. I think she had a little pep in her step from being seen with such a cute leash!


  1. Wow, super cute! I can't wait to make this for my dog Sam! :)

  2. love this so much! Wonderful!