Thursday, May 24, 2012

DIY Sack Pillow

I have collected over the years quite a few vintage grain sacks. It could be the faded colors, and patterns, but mostly I love the idea that it was used for such a simple product and yet is a beautiful piece of cloth (at least I think so).

I decided to use one of my favorite sacks and make a decrotive bed pillow. This project was super easy and required NO sewing machine.

I first ripped some scrap fabric for the ties on the open end of the sack and did a simple stitch to connect them.
Next, I choose my favorite details and hand stitched on top of them. I decided to use tone on tone thread for a more muted look but it would be just as great to use contrasting colors!
Last but not least, I stuffed the sack with a extra long pillow and taaa daaaa, a beautiful decrotive accent for my bed!

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