Monday, September 17, 2012


It's mid September which means Fall is creeping up fast. The feeling of sipping hot tea and cooking a great pot stew while cuddling up in my favorite sweater overwhelms me and I cant help but think of all the new changes. 
One change that I am ready for is my locks. Last winter I boldly went fire engine red and loved it (for a little while), but trying to get back to my natural dirty blond was way too much work. I want to make a change but with out consequences so I created this hair color board to visually give me a direction. 
I am really liking the lavender shades for fun and realistically eyeing the Cameron Diaz brunette. Any thoughts?


  1. I would give my left arm to be ballsy enough to go cotton candy blue.

    1. That is the most lovely shade of blue, but I wonder how hard it is to get it that shade? Thanks for the comment:)

  2. very lovely blog!
    I'm following you from now :)
    really liked the DIYs you posted