Friday, October 19, 2012

Sincerely Excited!

Meet Kinsey..... She is a super sweet gal who loves to blog, craft, take pictures, and hang with friends.
 I first met Kinsey through a blog we worked with, A Beautiful Mess and then became online friends through her personal blog Sincerely Kinsey
A little secret (OK, its no big secret) is that I am "shy". Friends are always around but reaching out to make new friends is not something I did regularly. When I started blogging I did this for creative reasons and never anticipated making new friends that would help inspire and become a support system during those "dry spell" times and that's when Kinsey came to my rescue. 
Today I found out that she is coming to town and will be my house guest:) I am looking forward to laughs, good food and drinks, and picking that creative brain of hers.
Check out her wont be disappointed.

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