Monday, April 22, 2013

Accessorize Your Head

Over the past few years I have collected a wide variety of stunning and super cool hats. My biggest problem was figuring on how to put my ensemble together without looking as if I tried too hard. 
I have collected images to help guide your way into the world of hats and have learned the secret....put your hat look together as if it was the easiest thing you have done all day and it is guaranteed to look efforetly chic (ok, honestly not guaranteed but a general rule). 

1. Skinny Jeans, Big Floppy Hat
Wear that over sized floppy hat with your hair loose and a little unkempt with your favorite skinnies. The tight fit jeans gives your big hat a more balanced appearance. Think skinny on bottom, big on top!

2. All Black to Blend
Black has been our go-to color for those days we want to hide a little extra of ourselves and this is true for hats as well. If you are new to hats and want to take it for a spin, dress your self in black with a little pop of color (so you don't look like your attending a funeral) and this will help you to not stick out like a soar thumb. 

3. California Cool
You may love the Cali vibe or hate it, but somehow every gal has acquired that favorite tee shirt and tried to pass it off as a cool fashion statement. Some of us have succeeded (I am still working on it), and some have failed miserably. Below are two photos to help you get it right. A tan hat (to blend), loose fitting tee and over sized sweater or coat. The secret is to accessorize with your nicer pieces such as jewelry, a handbag, sunglasses, or a great pair of jeans. Also, if you can safely swing it, a tan always helps!

4. Hat and Frock
This is the absolute easiest way to wear a hat on a summers day. Throw a cute frock on and grab your favorite hat to help protect your delicate skin from the suns rays. No matching required!

5. Brim and Blazer
If you are traveling or out on a day of exploration and want to dress for all of the elements, the blazer and big brimmed hat is the best option. You can easily take off a layer if needed or leave them on and look chic while you frolic around town!

6. Breezy Bohemian 
This is the trickiest of all the ensembles but looks like the easiest to copy. Beware! Putting your outfit together in a non fussy hippie chic sort of way takes some thought and time. This is the look I seek after the most and still look like the gal who got it all wrong. Ha Ha

7. Toned down Hat, Bold Clothing
Almost everyone has a single piece of clothing that is so bright and beautiful but maybe a bit too bold to wear all by its self. No one wants to look like a highlighter or walking neon sign, so add that solid colored fedora and your look becomes appropriately toned down.
HATS OFF TO YOU! Happy Earth Day:)

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