Monday, July 8, 2013

New House + Summer = Great

Summer is my favorite season for soooo many reasons, but let me explain why.......
I love how the warm heat is inhaled, how evenings are lightning bug filled, how grilling is a daily occurrence, how flip flips become my go-to shoe, how gardening is my exercise, bon fires are weekends gathering spots and walking the pups is a time of exploration in our new neighborhood. 
Really, what isn't there to love? Oh, well, maybe the midwest humidity and what it does to my hair (frizz fest), but that is getting a bit nit picky:) Ha ha.

This past Independence holiday, we made sure to relax in our home and do some fun projects, so when the summer light filtered in the most lovely way, I had to grab the camera and shoot away our afternoon views. 

If this post was a dinner party, I would raise my glass with you all and toast to summer and all of the goodness it brings. Cling, cling, cling....cheers!

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