Thursday, April 18, 2013

Memories: Wedding Shower Moments

I can't believe that  TJ and my wedding shower has come and gone. It seems as if I blinked and the moment has past but thank heavens for the people who took pics for me to remember this day by (pssstttt, thanks Viv). 
So where do I start? It was such a lovely gathering of very close friends and family at our favorite town spot, Bottles. We had decided early on that a couples shower involving the men and ladies as well as a few choice kiddies is what we felt comfortable with. The flowers where provided by Petal Play Design (amazballs), the sweets and decor where gifted from my family and the invites (not pictured) where from my bestie, P. It was a beautiful event and to make the day a bit better, Mr. Sun came out and smiled upon us!
We are now counting down to our wedding day and praying for some smooth sailing from here on out. Thank you to all who where involved in our day and put smiles on our face:)