Saturday, March 3, 2012

Do I Dare?

True Story:     My first job out of college was at a high end furniture store working as a "designer" (a.k.a. sales girl). We where told to dress nice but on my $0 budget I had to get creative so when I was given this really beautiful white skirt from my mom I was excited to try it out at work with the 3 blouses I owned. 

Monday morning arrived and I strutted my white skirt around work all day feeling really beautiful, in fact I even thought I got some "looking-good" glances from potential customers. At the end of the day, about 15 minutes before I was leaving, some of the co-workers where snickering and quietly laughing in my direction. Wondering what was going on I looked at the group with a puzzled look. One of the lady's yelled.......We like your thong, in fact we have been commenting on it ALL day.  

Long story short, I have been scarred from wearing white ever since and it never seemed to bother me until now. Anthropologie has introduced a few things that I LOVE  but they are all white. So, the question is....Do I dare?
Field Biology Maxi Dress
Mirror- Dotted Maxi Dress
Floral Thompson Jeans
Spiraea Shirtdress


  1. HaHa. The thong was white (I now know that nude color would of been a better choice), and I think I am going for the jeans! Thanks:)

  2. oh my gosh Renee' what a story!!! epic embarrassment has similarly struck me a time or two as well. i feel for ya lades....we can all look to the lovely Princess Diana and that iconic shot of her with the school children as the sun reflected right through her skirt to expose more than i think she'd of cared for too ; )

    girls sometimes have it tough, the wind can lift them when we least expect and man alive i can't say enough good things about skirts with built in liners. bahaha. loved this story and your beautiful images from Anthro. getting me right in the mood for spring!!

    hey, another awesome happening was that my package of 11 Eureka goodness arrived. everything is wonderful, thank you again so much for all the help with sizing. you rock!!! happy new week wishes. ♥

    1. Thank you so much:) I think I am gonna go fir it and splurge on a dress (shhhhh, dont tell)! Oh, and I am so glad everything fit great!

  3. YES white. I love it

  4. What happened to wearing slips? Maybe you need to find a great style and sell it in your shop! Personally, I think it's so annoying when a skirt gets caught between your legs when you walk, and a slip takes care of that too.