Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY Hinge Bracelet

It is no secret that I am a gold toned fan when it comes to jewelry. I will give silver a shot from time to time, but my heart lye's with gold.

Always needing a project, I decided to make my own industrial bracelet with scrap leather and brass mini hinges. Note: with ageing solution, I can patina the hinges for a new look

1. You will need a pair of sharp scissors,  a medium thickness suede scrap, small door hinges (found at any hardware store and they come in many finishes), and flat pliers for pulling the leather through the holes.

2. Cut the strips of leather (2 pieces) and for easy threading, cut the leather end at an angle.

3. Once the leather is pulled through, adjust the hinges (I used six) and get ready to stack!

An easy D.I.Y. project that is fun and stylish:)

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  1. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing. Just discovered your shop and blog, and it looks rather delicious! Keep up the great work, I'm gonna have a little nosy around :) xxxxxxxx