Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day Trip: Search for Donuts

Day trip: Last week Chicago was calling and we answered! 
The Donut Vault is a little gem  right in the heart of downtown Chicago where you can definitely get your sugar fix on. A super small hole of a place that packs a big personality. Do not be afraid of the long line, jump right in because when the last donut is served, their doors shut fast! Our day trip left us having snugger jeans but it was completely worth it:) 
Note:You can check their twitter feeds for donut quantity updates.


  1. this place is great! my friend rachelle is addicted to chestnut ones!I like their buttermilk old fashion donuts best, but I'm a plain old fashion girl:) Rachelle has been there 6 times in this short amount of time! thank God they close the doors and not make more, I would have to just roll her home!

    1. I did get to try the buttermilk but to be honest, any would do the trick:) Not being a big donut lover, I was amazed how every bite was a little more delicious then the last!