Saturday, June 9, 2012

Smile Lifestyle Boutique

Welcome to Smile Lifestyle Boutique! A clever paper products shop where you will find all of your card occasion or should I say Ocakession needs.
If you are like me, your card choosing recipe is short and sweet  with a pinch humor (so they are a perfect fit). Their collection of the Smile signature line has so many great options it is hard to pick and choose, so I grouped together some favorites for specific moments.
Check them out because they are totoolly cool:)

Totoolly Cool Dad, Your a Tierrific Dad, I Love You Beery Much, To a Fanstachetic Man
Great For: Weddings
Celovebration, Purrecious Moments, A Special Ocakession, Together Photoever
Great For: Everything Else (my favorite cards)
Wool You Be Mine, Thank You Strawberry Much, Lucky To Have Found You, Doughnut Stop the Party


  1. I LOVE their card line!!!!!! So creative, simple & beautiful :)

  2. thanks renee! - ed