Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crazy For:

Sure, I love US Weekly and People as much as the next lady in line at the grocery store, but to find a good read with motivational pictures is a bit of a challenge in he mag world. 
Two very cool magazines I stumbled across (and was worth sharing) is Refueled and N.E.E.T. Both completely unique but share some common traits; visually stimulating, interesting topics/ articles, and both are strictly online reads. Yes people, no more flipping through the glossy pages while drinking a cup of jo. It's a modern world and I guess even magazines have to adapt. 
Flip through their online pages and enjoy, oh, and let me know which you prefer:) 
Mix some vintage motorbikes, tattoos, American folk, oiled leather, and some Native American touches and out comes Refueled Magazine. 
The brain child of Chris Brown, he has provided us with a "window" into great culture. 
"I started the magazine as a way to introduce others to the things I dig. The magazine has almost become like a personal journal for me. The people, discoveries and the journeys that surround my life"- Chris Brown

Bold, bright, and beautiful is how I would describes this magazines aesthetic. The epitome of indie style.
UK native Stephanie J. dreamed up and is the driving force behind the magazine. Finding a good way to combine upcoming and new products (that are affordable) with cutting edge fashion. It like Vogue for the everyday gal!

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  1. I like the N.E.E.T. Magazine :) but the other is nice too