Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY: Iguana Green Side Table

I was given this very ornate and very well made side table a few weeks back, and although it is beautiful "as is", it wasn't really my style. Let's just say it was very "upper crust" and I am more of a "pizza crust" kind of gal:)
 Looking through the gallons of paint I hoard in the basement, I chose Iguana green for a pop of color.
Step 1: Cover the whole table with 1-2 layers of your color paint. Step 2: After the paint is COMPLETELY dry, use a sanding block and go crazy! 
Step 3: For a deeper color and complete finish look, I applied a coat of stain over the whole table. You can be creative with this. I used Minwax Golden Oak color for a light stain finish.
Taaa Daaaa! I am super happy to have a great piece of furniture that is bold and definitely not boring:)