Monday, August 6, 2012

Dream Catcher DIY

 I am a big dreamer, in life and at night! I usually have weird unexplainable dreams that I try and decipher but usually just chuck it up to being an odd ball:)
I have been wanting to make my own dream catcher for some time now (mostly for looks, but who knows what else might come of it), so after a quick visit for some supplies at a local thrift shop I was ready to create!
You will need: A pair of scissors, feathers (or other garnishes), doily (10-12" diameter), wood or metal hoop, scraps of fabric, wood beads, & colorful cording.
Step 1: I weaved and wrapped the pink cording through open loops in the doily.  Depending on the size of everything (you hoop and doily), you may need to trim after the doily is securely fixed to the hoop. I had to trim about 2" off the edge.
Step 2: Tread the fabric scraps (I used left over knit jersey) through your beads and stagger the pieces in varying lengths.  
Step 3: Choose your garnishes! Nothing screams dream catcher to me like a good feather so I fastened them by simply wrapping the pink cording around the feather shaft and onto the hoop. It could be fun to adhere some findings as well.  Add a string on top for easy hanging and your dream catcher is ready for use!
Inside or outside......I am loving it!!!!!

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