Thursday, January 10, 2013

Desk Re-do

Our paint process was simple for this vintage drafters desk but took some patience and muscle.

1.We first took a wire brush to scrape the rusted metal until we felt it was smooth and clean enough to spray. 
2. We covered and taped all areas that we did not want the paint to reach. In this case, only the wood top was covered with plastic as well as the metal knobs. 
3. We generously covered the desk with the spray paint. 
4. After we where positive that the paint is dry, we took sand paper and roughly sanded down areas for a worn effect. Note: It helps to sand a spot and then stand back to assess where the next area might be best. 
5. We wiped on a coat of dark wood stain on all areas that we had painted then would lightly wipe it off. Not all of the stain will be removed. This creates a antiqued look. 
6. The last and final step was to apply a clear tongue oil for the wood top. This will protect the top from further damage and/or discoloration.

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