Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Some Words

A little fact about me: I am a huge dreamer. When I was a child my parents where advised that I might have a learning disability and that I would need extra attention or a tutor to help me get through my classes. They claimed that I was not motivated and could not concentrate.  I was not a very active child, I did not play sports or even care to play games with all the other kids in class (I was very shy), but I loved to sit and daydream. I would look out the big windows and dream of how lovely it would be to climb the maple tree where the squirrels chased one another and how sunny the sky was, a perfect day for flying a kite or how much fun it would be to make a fort in the woods with my sister. 

There was nothing wrong with me and yet I was punished for being a dreamer. I am so glad that as an adult I am able to use my dreams as a way to push myself creatively. I think all of my years as being a professional daydreamer made me seem odd to the outside world, but it also formed who I am as a person. 

Below are some of my favorite quotes and saying that helps me to stay positive, and feel good about who I am and where my dreams/thoughts are taking me. I am getting excited for 2013 and to the many thoughts and dreams that will be made! I hope one of these quotes brightens your day!


  1. some beautiful inspiring quotes! a happy new year to you, and don't ever give up dreaming :)