Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Arrivals: Retro Colors!

Turquoise Tie Back Necklace
All About the Bubble Necklace, Ombre Maxi Dress in Melon
Dee Pineapple Jumper, Metal Collar Necklace
Adrift Away Dress
Dream in Tangerine Dress- Vintage, Honey Beeeds Necklace
New arrivals are the best! Color, texture and new prints make us here at 11 Eureka pretty giddy, but add a retro infused feel to the collection and we are literally fighting to keep each and every piece for ourselves:) 
Our model Abby was a super sweet gal to work with, in fact after out shoot, we spent a few hours just gabbing over a good meal and laughing away the rest of the evening. Oh, and we must discuss our other model.......Drumstick the chicken! This milky white little lady wanted to be in every shot and insisted I catch her on her good side (what a diva). Hee Hee

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