Thursday, June 27, 2013

Recipe: Onion & Brie Crustini

Ok, this little apitizer is so delicious that it will forever stay in my recipe book. You can say, A DEFINITE KEEPER! 
The only thing you need to know here is how to caramelize onions. I was taught by my neighbor and it changed my life (kinda being dramatic, but wow, do I love me some caramelized onions). 
- Crustini Bread (12 slices)
-1 Whole yellow onion (medium size)
-Wedge of Brie cheese, cut into 12 thick pieces
-Olive oil
-Brown Sugar

How to Carmalize an onion:
Slice and Peel your desired amount of onions.  Note: We used 1 whole yellow onion for this recipe.
Coat the bottom of a saute' pan with olive oil. Once it is hot and ready, drop in your onions and cook evenly but make sure they don't brown or burn. You want the onions to be slightly transparent.
Stir in 1 TBL of brown sugar and 1 TBL of butter, stir often so sugar doesnt burn. Usually takes 20-30 minutes depending on your stove top. Salt to taste. 

Place your perfect caramelized onions on your thick slice of brie cheese and place on a toasted crustini. Note: If you are looking for a gooey cheese, place your onion crustini in the oven for a minute or two at 400 degrees. 

Oh, and please be prepared to gobble everything down! 

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