Monday, December 17, 2012

Printable Tags

Christmas is almost here and the wrapping of presents has begun. My very favorite part of presenting a gift is making each one a little personal with the choices of ribbons and gift tags, so I was super excited to find beautiful FREE gift tags. Click on the links below your desired design!
Kelly Murray's Christmas Gift Tags
Poppytalks Chalkboard Christmas Gift Tags
Love vs Designs Ugly Sweater Gift Tags
Anthropologies Dear Christmas Gift Tags
Modern Day Christmas Gift Tags
A little printers tip (from experience, although this may bee obvious to you): You should print the tags out on adhesive paper. This way you can print, cut, peel, and stick. For a few more minutes of your time, print our the design on card stock, cut and punch a hole so you can string a cute bakers twine through it for that extra crafters touch. 

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