Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Music Video Tuesday

This video is not like my usual La Tee Daa happy picks but I wanted to be serious for a moment.

Yesterday I cried. It doesn't happen often, but I was flooded with memories which in turn triggered many emotions. The reason for all of the tears? We are moving. Mostly by choice, but the thought of leaving my little home that I sweat and bled into for many years seemed like memories that would be lost. The first time I brought my little Gretta Beans through those doors, the first Halloween party we ever had, the first time I made a great meal, hosting our first Easter, etc.....

When I saw this video, all of my problems seemed ridiculous. In fact, I realised that I was focusing too much energy on where I am living instead of actually doing the living. I want to do good in the world and not be naive to other peoples problems because I can't get past my own.

A week or so back a blogger friend posted on small businesses that are for missions to help, save, and give. I felt inspired and yet I still got caught up in a house. This video was my reminder to look past all of my "stuff" and focus on good.

My wheels are now turning with ideas on how I can spend my time helping others and the Holiday spirit has kicked in!

On a side note: Radiohead is forever my soul band. They can do no wrong in my book and their dedication to helping others is flawless. Thank you guys!


  1. Its good to cry about things! it's like a cleanse of the soul, always feel better after/ see clear.and always followed by a doughnut of course!

  2. p/s this video is so depressing it would make Jerry cry...