Thursday, December 6, 2012

Paper Flower Garland DIY

For my sisters birthday I wanted to make a pretty little garland that is ever something special from our usual crepe paper strands. This D.I.Y. was super simple and took less then 10 minutes to crepe.....I mean Create! Hee Heee
Step 1: Fold the crepe paper in a fan shape. Step 2: Fold the paper fan in half to create your paper flower bud. Pinch the bottom for a strong hold. Step 3: Continue folding the crepe paper around the bud till you get your desire bloom size. Step 4: Twist the bottom of the paper bloom to secure your creation. Congratulations!!! Your paper flower is done! 

Now you can glue each flower to your desired string/rope and drape your garland through out the room.

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