Friday, December 28, 2012

My Collection of Memories

It is no secret that I love to travel (who doesn't), but during my trips I usually find some sort of trinket and jewelry piece to take with me. I love a beautiful piece of vintage jewelry but slipping on a necklace or ring and instantly remembering the past trip is an even greater feeling. Nothing can replace your memories but these trinkets and baubles I have collected help me to remember all the little details. 

The necklace above was purchased in a tiny store I found while I was wandering the streets in Amsterdam. The weather was a little brisk and I was a little nervous exploring the brick paved alleyways all alone but as soon as I saw this sweet simple shop and stepped though its arched doorway, I fell in love with the raw nature of the goods. It turns out that the necklace above was made in a tiny Pakistani village from recycled glass, metals, and shoelaces (very crafty). Something I will never forget! 

Below is a few of my favorite pieces that each hold a near and dear memory. I am looking forward for my collection to grow, new travel memories, and my passport to be filled with stamps! 
I am ready for 2013

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