Monday, February 4, 2013

Indie Wed Weekend

This past weekend TJ & I made a little trip into the city to attend a bridal show, but not the traditional fluffy lace and sparkle everywhere type of show. Indie Wed is "the alternative to the traditional bridal show" and is a really cool place to meet creative people, taste treats and to get inspired! Retro, vintage, and industrial is mostly the preferred styles you will see, but there is honestly a bit of everything to please just about everyone. 
If you are a bride who is a little lost and may be confused on a place to start, Indie Wed is meant for you.  
I have been very fortunate that my wedding planning has been a smooth process thus far and all of the major decisions have been finalised, but I must admit that my trip to Indie Wed 2012 was the kicker (I used the only football term I could think of in honor of the Superbowl). I really enjoyed the sights but my favorite thing was getting to see my florist, band, and event coordinator all rockin out their super cool booths! I am already getting excited for next year:)

For more info on Indie Wed Check Here

* pictures where shot using my phone, so please excuse the quality


  1. Thank you for this lovely recap. I'm glad you enjoyed the show. (and I think the photos look great by the way) :)

  2. Thanks for sharing - you got a great pic of the Jayne Weddings/Aged Vintage Rentals booth (the orange one! )

  3. So great to see you saturday! Beautiful post and great pictures! Cant waitvto put together your wedding blooms!

  4. Glad you came! Nice shot of our lath wall and green garland.