Friday, February 8, 2013

Travel Lust: Maldives

About the same time each year I give up the fight against the wicked cold and let it set into my bones and each night I hug my water bottle and dream of the hot summer rays hitting my shoulders. 
Since we are months from the beautiful summer weather I need to "fake" plan my escape. Today I choose the Maldives. Diving into crystal clear water, sipping sweet drinks from a coconut, boat rides, and feet dangling off the dock is what I need right now! A girl can dream, cant she? How are you dealing with the cold?


  1. get out of here! did you notices the sand and salt water, sun (sweating) and beaches and all things ocean....? is this TJ writing this post?!

    1. Ha! Right now the sting of salt water in my eye sounds better then the sting of frost bite:) Yes, I would complain after the 30hr flight and having a week of sunburn, but then I would have something to blog about!

  2. I would take a week of being those under water salt statutes over this cold icey~rainy weather. Two more weeks and I get to dig my heels! Yay!

  3. A Maldives summer getaway is really a great plan, Renne! I love visiting travel websites, and when these site feature the island of Maldives, the overwater villas and cottages are always be included on their must-visits. Aside from that, they also feature cool and fun activities you should definitely try once you step on the island. These include parasailing, boat riding, and fishing. But your adventure wouldn't be complete if you won't dive on the breathtaking ocean and explore the island's sensational aquatic life.